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Level II Treatment Group

The Program has the following objectives:

Level II treatment is designed to help each client convert past failures into the source of future achievements. Weekly group and individual therapy are combined in varying amounts, according to each client's identified needs.

By utilizing cognitive/behavioral therapies we focus on
a) altering the cognitive processes that lead to maladaptive behaviors in substance users,
b) intervening in the behavioral chain of events that lead to substance use,
c) promoting and reinforcing the development of social skills and behaviors compatible with the extinguishing of abusive behavior.

Group therapy also offers clients opportunities to identify with others who are going through similar problems, to understand the impact of substance use on their lives, to learn more about their own and others' feelings and reactions, and to learn to communicate needs and feelings more adaptively.

The Program Goals Are:
To provide services to individuals with substance abuses issues.
To conduct comprehensive medical, emotional, behavioral, and social psychological assessments of clients.
To provide clinically sound, interdisciplinary, individualized treatment services to clients based upon the clinical assessments.
To assist clients in interrupting their misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
To assist clients in reclaiming or developing alternative coping and problem-solving methods to deal with life's day-to-day problems.
To educate the client regarding the dynamics of addiction.
To assist the client in developing and initiating an individualized, continuing care plan of action for maintaining non-abusive use.
To provide individualized post-treatment support services to assist the client in maintaining the gains made while in treatment.

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